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No. 001 in the KickAss Games - Master Gamers Collection - 001


- " I'm Spartacus! " -  Retail Enquiries -

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This Game fits into the quick easy but addictive game for families and Non- gamers plus has enough strategy and competition to engage Hard core gamers also as a filler game.


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" I'm Spartacus! "

 - I'm Spartacus! -


   "The vast crowds are eerily silent with anticipation as the mighty Gladiators prepare to do battle and warily select their Weapons of war, when suddenly a colossal roar rips through the masses as they fearlessly enter the great Arena to face each other for glory or death on the blood soaked sands of fame. "  

  First you need to determine which player is the famous Gladiator Spartacus, as this player goes first and is the first Munerarius (Arena Game Master), who determines who fights the first combat and in what order future combats take place. As a Gladiator you will have a selection of Weapon cards to choose from for each battle, certain weapons beat other weapons.


There is 1x Hessian “I’m Spartacus!” card bag, 1x bag of Coins

 4x Gladiator Character cards (with a Gold Helmet on the back)

 13x Weapons cards, (5x Swords, 4x Nets, 4x Tridents),

 1x Turn Sequence card & 1x A3 Paly Mat & 1x Instructions.


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