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- Ultimate Driver 300! -

Ultimate Driver 300! Deluxe

Players:2-4, Time:<60min, Easy. Family friendly.

Revel in the glory of your win, as you know your are the ultimate racing champion, the “Ultimate Driver” and that you have out-played, out-raced and out-smarted your opponents in this devious and strategic card game by Michael J. Richardson and KickAss Games.

“Michael J. Richardson’s Ultimate Driver 300!©”.
© Copyright 2011-2014 KickAsss Games. All media rights reserved.

The object of the game is to be the first to complete three laps and win the ultimate prize the chequered flag and the glory of winning –“Michael J. Richardson’s Ultimate Driver 300!©”. 

You start the game in a high pressure pre-race tuning challenge against the other players as everyone takes new card and discards old cards trying to get the best starting hand of cards possible in preparation for the big race. 

Just when the tension builds to a breaking point someone who thinks they have the edge drops the green flag card and starts the main Race and then the excitement is really under-way as Players speed away playing as many race points as fast as possible with the lead changing constantly, you battle you friends and family by playing events and damage cards to slow them down while powering away, completing laps and hurtling towards the finish line. 

Do you take a pit stop or push your luck to the very edge? Will your car stay in one piece long enouh to reach the chequered flag? You decide, you make the decisions and the strategies. 

Brakes glow hot, tyres scream, engines roar, are you the Ultimate Driver in "Ultimate Driver 300!"?

Addictive "Just one more game!" style game. Great for all the family, any age and perfect for the family games night or for any car, sport or racing enthusiast.

Part of the KickAss Games Master Game Series 001-BWPDF

Ultimate Driver 300! - Play Guide

- Ultimate Driver 300! -
UD300! Ultimate Driver 300!  Independent Reviews
Another great review by Father Geek-
“If your family is anything like mine another race will be requested before you even have a chance to put the game away" " this is a great card game" "Ultimate Driver does its job well" "a fun game"”
- Ultimate Driver 300! -
Winner "Best New Australian Card Game 2012" - Boxxdin Gaming Centre
- Ultimate Driver 300! -
Video Review on "Ultimate Driver 300!" - Boxxdin Gaming Centre
Independent Review by the Gamers Table Guys.-
- Ultimate Driver 300! -
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