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Players - 1 to 2,  Age - 12+,  Time – 20-30min.


 Osiris was Pharaoh, the first God King of Egypt and the future father of Horus. He was a great Pharaoh who was murdered by Seth his brother, the God of Chaos, who hid his body within the great Cursed Pyramid, guarded by fourteen Shabtis, Guardians of the Undead. Isis, Osiris’s faithful wife, pleads with you, the wisest Warrior in all of Egypt, to help her rescue the Pharaoh Osiris from the Pyramid so he can travel to the afterlife. To rescue the Pharaoh’s spirit, you must defeat the evil Pyramid guards. The future of the whole of “Egypt” is in your hands.


This is a Mini Game Edition which all comes in a sturdy plastic reusable container, a Deck of magnificent Pyramid! Cards, and some small counters representing Gem pieces and Dice for scoring, and a full colour Game-mat.


 Pyramids! Curse of the Pharaoh is a Solo or two-player game of rescuing the Pharaoh from being trapped inside a Pyramid. It requires set- collection, hand manipulation, strategic thinking and forward planning. The Pharaoh is underneath a Pyramid of guarding Shabti Guards which you must defeat using the limited spells and charms that you have been given. It will require skilful use of these and the Book of the Dead plus tactical and strategic forward planning to win the game and rescue the Pharaoh. 






Pyramids! Curse of the Pharaoh - Mini Games Collection 002

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