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    You are an infected, aimless Zombie and with your fellow rotting mutants, you roam the apocalyptic future in search of beautiful pink Human Brains. Brains and more Brains is all that energises you and your Zombie hhorde's very existence but as you search the devastated and infected towns, beware the few resilient humans that are still left unaffected, as they are tough, heavily armed preppers who like nothing more than to shoot you and your slow wandering mutant Zombie brothers and to stop your relentless quest and monotonous chant, “Need more Brains!”..........................

    Players - 1 to 4   Age - 12+  Time - 20-30min 

This is a Pocket Edition which all comes in a small Plastic reusable Container - Fits easily in your pocket. Does not come with a Playmat.


 This is a "Push you Luck" type game where you are the Zombies! hunting for more Brains in a post-apocalyptic world full of pesky Humans who want to kill you. But you are driven on with the thirst for "more Brains" to become the Head Zombie. Will you push on or stop and eat the Brains you have collected so far?

Zombies! Need more Brains - Pocket Edition Mini Game

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